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TACSO by Civic Initiatives: CSO Fair in Zaječar Attracted a lot of Attention from both CSOs, Citizens

Zaječar, June 19, 2017. – CSO Fair held in Zajecar on Saturday June 17, entitled “Fair of civil society organizations in Western Serbia” attracted a large number of different organizations from across the region of eastern Serbia. Associations had the opportunity to showcase their products, actions, talk to citizens, while the program was enriched by the participation of the children’s choir, short skits and music content that has attracted the attention of citizens.

The fair was opened by the Civic Initiatives Acting Director Bojana Selaković; Advisor to the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society of the Republic of Serbia Danilo Rodić; President of the Association Citizens’ Library Europe Zvonko Damjanovic; and Director of the Regional Development Agency of Eastern Serbia Vladan Jeremić

Along with the program in the city center at the Liberty Square, in the municipal building special events were organized: media corner and a presentation of the work of associations. 

Associations had the opportunity to present themselves at the fair “Best of Eastern Serbia” to citizens of Zaječar where they were able to present all of their activities and objectives. Also, within the media corner association representatives had the opportunity to talk to media reporters on how to establish better cooperation and how they can best present their activities to a wider audience. 

The most visited event of the Fair was the panel discussion: “Cooperation between local government and civil society” where representatives of organizations were able to present their problems in cooperation with the local government, but were also able to hear some positive examples and to learn from the experience of others.

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