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Report: Civil Society's Role in Serbia - EU Accession Negotiations

Civil society's role in Serbia: EU Accession Negotiations - contribution to the Rule of Law and Human Rights | 16 - 17 June 2016 - Brussels, Belgium | Event organised by TACSO P2P


One of the main recommendations provided by the civil society is that chapters concerning human rights namely Chapters 23 – Judiciary and Human rights and 24 - Justice, Freedom and Security have to be opened as soon as possible having in mind that they are focused on main building blocks of any democratic society.

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Also, civil society organizations in Serbia involved in the monitoring of the Chapters 23 and 24, were fully aware that Serbia full filled its obligations set as a precondition to open aforementioned chapters.

This study visit was organized aiming to enhance advocacy activities on the meetings with representatives of institutions and civil society organizations based in Brussels. The main goal of the visit was to present the progress made by Serbia and to stress once again the immense importance of opening chapters 23 and 24 for the whole Serbian society.

Meetings with the representatives of the European Commission, European Parliament, European Economic and Social Committee, representatives of civil society organizations from EU member states, provided also an opportunity to evaluate and improve the work done so far in order to conduct necessary improvements or to maintain practices that proved to be useful.

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A Capacity Building and Technical Assistance Programme for Effective Networking and Advocacy was designed by the TACSO Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Office as a response to the multiple challenges in networks’ work as identified during the implementation of TACSO 2. The programme began in February 2017 and was implemented in partnership with the Resource Centre in BiH, TACSO by VESTA.

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