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The CSO Toolkit is an online source of various TACSO documents including manuals, guides and glossaries as well as documents produced by the EU, CONCORD and other organisations. The documents are available to everyone and are meant to serve as a resource for work within the CSO, EU environment.

Information in these documents can be useful for the purpose of networking and partnership-making, applying to TACSO open calls, conducting monitoring and guidance as well as trainings and dealing with various financial issues. While some documents focus on a particular country in the TACSO project, the information may serve as a good source of best practices.
TACSO project documents have been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of the documents are the sole responsibility of SIPU International and Consortium Partners and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.

Please attribute the appropriate organisation (TACSO, EU, CONCORD, etc.) when using or referring to any of these documents .

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Tacso Calendar & International EventsThe CSO Toolkit is an online source of various TACSO 
documents including manuals, guides and glossaries...

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Effective Networking, Advocacy
A Capacity Building and Technical Assistance Programme for Effective Networking and Advocacy was designed by the TACSO Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Office as a response to the multiple challenges in networks’ work as identified during the implementation of TACSO 2. The programme began in February 2017 and was implemented in partnership with the Resource Centre in BiH, TACSO by VESTA.