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Manual on CSOs and Citizens' Participation

One of the important roles for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) both within the EU and globally is indeed the facilitation of citizens' participation in decision-making processes, whether they be at the local, provincial, national or even international level.


The Manual is made up of three main parts:

  • Part 1: deals with the concepts and general approaches, mechanisms and methodologies for effective citizens' participation;
  • Part 2: looks at citizens' participation in action, at both the local and national level;
  • Part 3: is a 'Toolbox' which contains checklists and examples of templates and methodologies to be used in support of citizens' participation.

 It should be noted that although the primary target is CSOs, it is expected that a range of partners of the CSOs - local governmnet bodies, central government departments and other public institutions - as well as individual citizens, will all find the Manual instructive and enlightening. The range of information, methodologies and experiences shared in the Manual is also deliberately broad, so that both novices to citizens' participation and more experienced practitioners will find useful advice.

Both the Manual and contents of the Toolbox have been designed to be used as either self-directed learning guides or can be used in the context of workshops, roundtable events, or even more formal training. Thus, anyone working or volunteering with a CSO should feel comfortable using the publication. There are also plenty of references and examples of real experiences of CSOs in the region, and details of where to find information, so it is hoped that any reader will feel inspired and confident to take appropriate actions.

Download: Manual on CSOs and Citizens' Participation

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